Tuesday, May 10, 2011

China Names 8 Chemicals and Notifies Standards to WTO

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) has notified standards for eight substances to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The mandatory aspects concern:
  1. quality requirements
  2. symbols
  3. labels
  4. packaging
  5. transport
  6. safety

The standards are slated for adoption by August 3, 2011, which is 90 days after circulation by the WTO. This means the new Chinese standards are expected to enter into force in February 2012, which is 6 months after.

Comments deadline with the WTO: July 4, 2011.

China's 8 Chemicals:

The eight chemical substances are:

  1. imidacloprid (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN811.doc)
  2. gibberellic acid (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN812.doc)
  3. pyridaben (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN813.doc)
  4. chlorotoluron (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN814.doc)
  5. chlorsulfuron (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN815.doc)
  6. thiosultap-monosodium (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN816.doc)
  7. deltamethrin (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN817.doc)
  8. fluoroglycofen-ethyl (http://docsonline.wto.org/DDFDocuments/t/g/tbtn11/CHN818.doc)

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